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Serves premium cast iron solution providers.

Pipe Fixing and Support Clamp

  • Clamp with sping system-8MM head of screw-127mm/142mm

    Clamp with sping system-8MM head of screw-127mm/142mm

    Name :
    Clamp with sping system-8MM head of screw-127mm/142mm
    W4-Band,housing&screw With All stainless Steel 300
  • Mini hose clamp W1/W4

    Mini hose clamp W1/W4

    Material: W1-Band.Screw &Nut with all Zinc-Plated
    W4-Band.Screw &Nut with all Stainless Steel300
    Other specifications can be customized according to requirements
  • American Hose Clamp Type Throat Hoop

    American Hose Clamp Type Throat Hoop

    The American cross throat tube stock is also known as the American Hose Clamp Type Throat Hoop. The throat hoop is small, low price, but the effect is huge. American stainless steel throat hoop is divided into big American and small American band, broadband is 12.7mm and 14.2mm respectively. This product is suitable for 30mm, beautiful appearance after assembly. It is characterized by small worm friction, suitable for high-grade models, rod holding equipment, steel pipe and hose or anti-corrosion material part connection.

    Product presentation:
    1.laryngeal hoop screw to "stainless steel one word" "iron nickel cross" "stainless steel cross" three categories.
    2.Use of 304 stainless steel. The inscription "304 52-76" indicates that the product uses 304 stainless steel, with a minimum diameter of 52 and a maximum diameter of 76.
    3.The product has a steel strip width of 11.95mm and is 0.68mm thick.
    4.On the market, this product is generally 0.6-0.65mm thickness, our this thickness is 0.6-0.8mm.
    5.This hoop clamp is available in a variety of styles, made of 304 stainless steel, so that the product has good permeability resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and other mechanical properties.

    The throat hoop is widely used in automobiles, tractors, forklifts, locomotives, ships, mines, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture and other water, oil, steam, dust, etc., is the ideal connection fastener.
    It is mainly divided into British, American, and German three types.
    American throat band: divided into iron plating galvanized and stainless steel two kinds.
    All models reach the export level, with the hardness, wear resistance and high temperature resistance added to extend the service life of the product.