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Cast iron pots are generally made of pig iron and iron-carbon alloy casting. This is known to everyone. Therefore, cast iron pots have one of the biggest characteristics, which is heavy, but it does not rule out that other pots also have this feature. Some carbon on the market Steel or ceramic pots are heavy pots. Therefore, weighing can only be regarded as a small reference when choosing.

2. Look at pot noodles

To look at the surface of the pot means to see whether the surface of the cast iron pot is smooth, but the surface of the cast iron pot cannot be required to be as smooth as a mirror. The surface of the pot that is too smooth is coated with a layer of coating. There will be irregular light lines, defects and small raised parts are generally iron, which has little effect on the quality of the pot. Generally speaking, cast iron pots and utensils will be a bit rough, but the more you use it, the easier it will be during use. .

In addition, when choosing, we will see that many cast iron pots must have some subtle rust spots on them. Such pots are not necessarily of poor quality. Rust spots indicate that the storage time is long enough, and the internal cast iron material It is also more stable, and it is not easy to crack when it is first used, so as long as the rust on the surface has little effect, everyone can start with it.

3. Listen to the sound

Listening to the sound can tell the thickness of the cast iron pot. Generally, pots with uneven thickness are not recommended for you to choose. Most of these pots have a short lifespan. When you buy a cast iron pot, you can put the bottom of the pot up to the sky, hold the center of the concave surface of the pot with your fingers, and knock with a hard object. The louder the pot sound and the greater the vibration, the better.

4.Product details

The details to be mentioned here refer to the ears, handles, and the bottom of the cast iron pot. Generally, you can focus on these three details when choosing. Now the pot ears on the market are generally integrally formed with the pot body. You can observe whether the workmanship of the joint between the pot ears and the pot body is exquisite. This detail determines the quality of the pot to a large extent. The same is true for the pot handle; The details of the bottom are to see if it is smooth and flat, which is similar to the second point we mentioned earlier.

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Post time: Aug-16-2021