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DINSEN 7th Anniversary Welfare — Cutting Machine

DINSEN 7th anniversary welfare —— cutting machine has arrived.

Previously announced anniversary benefits are closed on September 1st. We have prepared cutting machines for all customers who place more than 1FCL on the 25-31st. More than ten cutters arrived today and will be sent out with the orders placed by customers.

It is difficult that the cast iron pipe is usually hard to avoid the incision due to the speed and heat during cutting. In order to avoid the damaged cutting use during customer use, DINSEN has expanded its cutting machine products to prevent this risk.



The advantages of this cutter are as follows:

1. The performance of product protection has been improved. The cutting blade has a special treatment, so that no overheat, resulting in high cutting surface temperature and the paint is baked discoloration or fall off; the thickness and depth of the pipe cutting will not be uneven, concave and convex.

Performance Data Sheet:

Product name:

Medium cutting machine


220-240V (50-60HZ)

Saw blade center hole


Product power


Saw blade


Load speed


Scope of use


Cutting range


Product Weight


Max thickness

Steel 8mm
Plastic 12mm
Stainless steel 6mm

Cutting material

Cutting steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and multi layer tubes

2. Higher safety factor. Compared with the common ordinary cutting machine, this cutting machine in the cutting operation, the grasp tube claw has a certain width, the better wrapping of the cutting surface, effectively reduce the risk of injury when used. Increases the distance between people and the blade, and greatly guarantees the safety of users.

3. Small in size and easy to use. The cutting principle is similar to the stapler, the handle is above the machine, the pipe is fixed below the claw, when used, press the handle down to cut. The cutter plug is dedicated to Europe.

Tailored plugs are also more convenient conditions for customers. The cutting machine prepared by us for customers is tightly packed and also ensures the safety of the instruments during transportation.

cutters IMG_20220906_084139_edit_436999271273421 IMG_20220906_084429_edit_436976941428633 IMG_20220906_084437_edit_436962647683843

Post time: Sep-06-2022