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Grooved Fittings

  • Advantages of Grooved Fittings & Couplings

    When planning to install a pipeline based on grooved fittings, it is necessary to weigh their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include: • ease of installation – just use a wrench or torque wrench or a socket head; • possibility of repair – it is easy to eliminate a leak, r...
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  • What Are Grooved Fittings & Couplings?

    Grooved couplings are detachable pipe connections. For its manufacture, special sealing rings and couplings are taken. It does not require welding and can be used to install a wide variety of pipe types. The advantages of such connections include their disassembly, as well as exceptionally high r...
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  • Pipe Fittings: An Overview

    Pipe Fittings: An Overview

    Pipe fittings are essential components in both residential and industrial piping systems. These small but crucial parts can be made from various materials such as steel, cast iron, brass alloys, or metal-plastic combinations. While they might differ in diameter from the main pipe, it’s cruc...
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