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BML pipe fittings

  • EN877 BML Pipe Fittings

    EN877 BML Pipe Fittings

    DS MLB (BML) Bridge drainage pipe fittings is has typical properties of resisting acidic waste gas, road salt mist, etc. suit-able for special requirements in the field of bridge construction,roads, tunnels with its typical resistance of acid exhaust fumes,road salt etc. Furthermore, MLB also can be used for underground installation.

    The material is cast iron with flake graphite as per EN 1561, at least EN-GJL-150. The inside coating of DS MLB fully meet EN 877; the outside coating corresponds to ZTV-ING part 4 steel construction, annex A,table A 4.3.2, construction part no. 3.3.3. The nominal dimensions range from DN 100 to DN 500 or 600,length 3000mm.