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Pipe Cutting

  • Pipe cutter

    Pipe cutter

    Product name: Pipe cutter
    Voltage: 220-240V (50-60HZ)
    Saw blade center hole: 62mm
    Product power: 1000W
    Saw blade diameter: 140mm
    Load speed: 3200r/min
    Scope of use: 15-220mm,75-415mm
    Product Weight: 7.2kg
    Maxthickness: Steel 8mm, Plastic 12mm, Stainless steel 6mm
    Cutting material: Cutting steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and multilayer tubes
    Advantages and innovations: precision cutting;cutting method is simple;high safety;lightweight, easy to carry and easy to operate on-site;cutting will not produce sparks and dust to the outside world;inexpensive, cost-effective.