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Congratulations to DS BML Pipes for Bidding Again in the European Project

Congratulations to DS BML pipe for bidding again in the European project, which is a cross-sea bridge with a total length of 2,400m.At the beginning, there were four brands, and finally the builder chose DS dinsen as the material supplier,which had more advantages in quality and price.

DS BML bridge drainage pipe has typical characteristics of acid resistance exhaust gas, road salt spray, etc., and is suitable for special requirements in bridge construction, roads, tunnels and other fields.

The BML pipe inside is fully cross-linked epoxy thickness min.120μm,and outside is two-layer thermal spraying zinc coating min.40μm,+ cover two-components expoxy coating 80μm silvery grey(color RAL 7001).

Up to now, our BML pipe was exported to UK, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Russia,Ukraine,ect. As a pipe supplier that provides professional services, standardized management and high-quality production, Dinsen is committed to providing the highest quality BML PIPE for the global high-end pipeline solution providers, as well as high-quality KML PIPE and TML PIPE.If you want to know more about our products, please contact our email :info@dinsenpipe.com


Post time: Nov-10-2020