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“Project is urgent! Pipes are desperately needed! Can’t deliver on time? ”Let’s See How the Contradiction Said

The cast pipe made by the centrifugal casting process is often used in construction drainage, sewage discharge, civil engineering, road drainage, industrial wastewater and other projects. The buyers usually have large demand, urgent demand and high requirements for pipeline quality. Therefore, whether the quality of delivery can be guaranteed on time has become a concern of customers. It is also one of the pain points prone to conflict.


There are mainly two reasons affecting the delivery period: customer temporary order and policy impact.

Customer temporary Order:

Due to the information between the purchaser and the manufacturer out of sync, the purchaser does not understand the inventory management mode of the manufacturer, or the manufacturer cannot estimate the actual demand of the purchaser. When the purchaser asks to add the order for a short time, the manufacturer will disrupt the production plan, which ultimately results in meeting the demand of the purchaser but delayed delivery of other customers; or other orders are delivered on time but cannot meet the order demand of the purchaser.This will partly affect the long-term cooperation between both sides, as a loss to everyone.

Policy impact

Environmental governance is a matter of common international concern. China has also made its own efforts to make some industry plans or rectification requirements. In order to cooperate with the environmental management policies, pipe foundries need to be highly cooperative with these environmental monitoring and protection policies. According to local surveillance programs released by Chinese authorities, the following points are usually the main reasons why factories need to cooperate with the inspection and have to delay some orders:

  • The powder accessories, related coal-fired boilers and other equipment should be sealed up;
  • Products with found noise and strong smell should also be rectified; 3. Emission of pungent gas such as paint smell;
  • Low-frequency noise or excessive noise;
  • Dust pollution;
  • Operation safety risks of the electric unit;
  • Cinder is floating everywhere;
  • Problems exist in paper slag digging and landfill;
  • Poor and old pollution control facilities;
  • Smoke emission concentration;

Environmental supervision is decided by the superior, there is no fixed time, and if the supervision results have problems, they need to be suspended for rectification, and factories sometimes have to face the problem of disrupting production planning or delaying production planning. Due to the cultural differences, policy differences between countries and regions, and sometimes poor synchronization with manufacturers’ information, buyers inevitably can not understand and complain.

DINSEN as the bridge between them, how to weaken these contradictions is also our duty to study.

Post time: Sep-14-2022