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Installation of Grooved Fittings & Couplings

The first thing you need to do is prepare the pipe – roll a trench of the required diameter. After preparation, a sealing gasket is placed on the ends of the connected pipes; it is included in the kit. Then the connection begins.

To install a water supply system, pipes are prepared using grooved joints – grooves are rolled using a grooving machine.

Grooving machine is the main tool for producing grooved joints. They form a recess on the pipe with a special roller.


When the pipes are prepared, assembly is carried out:


A visual inspection of the edge and knurled groove of the pipe is carried out to ensure the absence of metal shavings. The edges of the pipe and the outer parts of the cuff are lubricated with silicone or equivalent lubricant that does not contain petroleum products.


The cuff is installed on one of the pipes being joined so that the cuff is completely put on the pipe without protruding beyond the edge.


The ends of the pipes are brought together and the cuff is moved in the center between the grooved areas on each pipe. The cuff must not overlap the mounting grooves.


Lubricant is applied over the cuff to protect against snagging and damage during subsequent installation of the coupling body.


Connect the two parts of the coupling body together*.

Make sure the clutch ends are above the grooves. Insert the bolts into the mounting lugs and tighten the nuts. When tightening the nuts, alternate the bolts until the necessary fixation is completed with the establishment of uniform gaps between two parts. Uneven tightening may cause the cuff to become pinched or bent.

* When installing a rigid coupling, the two parts of the housing should be connected so that the hook end at the junction of one part coincides with the hook end of the other.

Post time: May-30-2024