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Serves premium cast iron solution providers.

Adhere to Quality Assurance As the Core of DINSEN Service

DINSEN’s philosophy has always been firmly believed that quality and integrity is the basic condition of our cooperation. As we all know, casting industry products are different from FMCG products that drainage pipeline needs to depend on excellent quality and more innovative performance breakthrough if they want to stand out from the field. Therefore, we always focus on factory selection and the customer orders follow up in time. Every week our members to cooperation pipeline foundry to help customers grasp the quality is also the most important part of the whole pipeline trade process.

The particularity of casting iron process makes the factory workshop is always have the arduous conditions like much colder in winter and hotter in summer all the year round. But no matter what the weather is, our company insist to personally grasp the quality of each batch of products when the factory completes orders, and adhere to the guarantee of product quality for many years which far beyond the international standards. For this reason, even if the overall environment is not optimistic, DINSEN can still maintain a continuous rise in turnover.

Recently, the members of our company went to the factory again. At the temperature of about 40 degrees, even though the conditions are difficult, we still need to complete this important work to ensure the quality of all parts of the finished pipe, Stainless Steel Coupling, Grip Collar and other different fittings. Our company posses good reputation for many years is also established on this basis, and pledge to persist in this service cord.

2022.7.21quality control

Post time: Jul-21-2022