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Installation of Horizontal and Vertical SML Pipes

Horizontal pipe installation:

1. Each pipe of 3 meters length should be supported by 2 hose clamps, and the distance between the fixed hose clamps should be even and not more than 2 meters long. The length between the hose clamp and the clamp should not be less than 0.10 meters and not more than 0.75 meters.

2. The installation should be slightly lowered by about 1 or 2% and a minimum of 0.5% (0.5 cm per meter), and the curvature of the connected two pipes or fittings must not exceed 3°.

3. The cross-branch pipe must securely fix all steering and branches. At each 10-15 meters, a special fixing bracket must be connected to a hose clamp to prevent the pipeline from swinging.

Vertical pipe installation

1. The fixed point of the riser is also a maximum distance of 2 meters. If the first floor is 2.5 meters high, each floor needs to be fixed twice, and branches may be installed.

2. The riser pipe should be fixed 30mm away from the wall for easy maintenance. When it passes through the wall vertically, you need to install a hose clamp and bracket on the bottom of the pipe.

3. Install a support pipe every five floors (2.5 meters in height) or 15 meters. We recommend tofix it in the first floor.

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Post time: Sep-09-2021