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Serves premium cast iron solution providers.

ISO Quality Certification

Every January is the time for the company to conduct ISO quality certification. To this end, the company organized all employees to study the relevant content of BSI kite certification and ISO9001 management system quality certification. 


Understand the history of BSI kite certification and enhance the confidence of enterprises in external products

At the end of last month, we completed the BSI kite certification test with our customers. Taking this opportunity, let’s learn about the origin of BSI ‘s establishment, the rigor of kite certification, and its international recognition. Let all Dinsen employees understand the strong competitiveness of the company’s products, enhance their confidence in their work, especially have product confidence in foreign trade, and show Dinsen a better side to customers.

Inspired by the leadership, I customized the company’s business personnel’s ideas for developing customers: emphasizing their own professionalism, providing customers with opportunities to understand products, discussing some views on BSI kite certification, or proves that we can provide En877, ASTMA888 and other international standards in cast iron pipes. This idea effectively helps the company’s businessmen create common topics with customers, helps customers understand the company deeply, and at the same time achieves the purpose of maintaining long-term customers.

Cognizant of the ISO certification system to demonstrate the professional management of the enterprise

ISO 9001

ISO—International Organization for Standardization was established in Geneva, Switzerland in February 1947, as an international standard that was voted by 75% of the major member states, consisting of 91 member states and 173 composed of an academic committee.

The content of this standard covers a wide range, from basic fasteners, bearings, various raw materials to semi-finished products and finished products, and its technical fields involve information technology, transportation, agriculture, health care and the environment. Each working organization has its own work plan, which lists the standard items (test methods, terminology, specifications, performance requirements, etc.) that need to be formulated. The main function of ISO is to provide a mechanism for people to reach consensus on the formulation of International Standards.

In January of each year, the ISO organization will have a commissioner come to the company to conduct interviews and review the company’s management quality in the form of questions and answers. Obtaining the ISO9001 certificate will help strengthen the company’s management order, unite employees, enable company managers to clearly manage existing problems, and help continuously update and optimize management methods.

Principles and Significance of ISO9001 Certification

  1. The quality management system is in line with international standards, which is helpful for market development and new customer development. The primary criterion in the ISO9001 certification process is whether it is customer-centric. Enterprises that can successfully obtain this certification prove that they fully meet this condition. This is a strong evidence that Dingchang puts customers first in the follow-up work of developing new customers and maintaining old customers. This is also the basis for our customers’ firm trust in us for a long time.
  2. During the process of ISO9001 certification, all employees are required to participate and leaders are leading. This helps enterprises improve their quality, awareness, and management level, and can effectively improve work efficiency. Based on the requirements of ISO certification, the company leaders customize their own performance tables for all employees, share the “PDCA” employee self-management model, help all employees complete their work according to the plan, report regularly, and meet the management model together from top to bottom to maximize the company’s work efficiency change.
  3. The certification emphasizes the “process approach”, which requires the company’s leaders to formulate a systematic management method and continuously improve it. This involves everyone in the company understanding the whole trade process, such as production supervision, quality supervision, rough construction inspection supervision, packaging, and delivery supervision, etc., strictly controlling each link, and arranging special personnel to participate in the whole process of customer orders. At the same time, business personnel are required to seek customer feedback promptly during after-sales, find the root cause of the problem, and make continuous improvements. This principle enables the company to help customers start from the interests of customers, strictly control the product quality level, and achieve the effect of improving customer satisfaction while the company obtains economic benefits.
  4. The policy must be based on facts. Sincerity is always a sharp weapon in communication. To advance the work in strict accordance with the certification principle, in October, the company organized all employees to review past customer emails and analyze problems to explore problems that have not been found before. Subdivide what kind of efforts people should make to solve problems in each position, and give real feedback to customers. Serious treatment of customer problems and strict control of customer product quality will help to participate in competitions such as major project bidding and supporting equipment for important OEMs, establish a corporate image, increase corporate popularity, and achieve publicity benefits.
  5. Reach mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. As a foreign trade company, it is very important to form a stable triangular harmonious relationship with manufacturers and customers. Under the background of the epidemic, customers are unable to come to the quality inspection of the goods, worrying that the quality of the goods cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, the company prepares professional quality inspection equipment and trains professional quality inspection personnel. Before the goods are packaged and shipped, they will go to the factory for rigorous testing and Upload the corresponding graphic data to the customer, so that the quality of the supplier can be recognized by the customer, and it will also greatly add points to our credibility. This solution helps customers and suppliers to reduce mutual checks and provides convenience for both parties.


DINSEN import and export trade has insisted on BSI kite certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification in recent years. One is to build DS pipeline brand and strive for the goal of the rise of China’s cast pipes; at the same time, for Dinsen to better self-discipline, under the assistance and supervision of certification, we have not forgotten the original intention of quality first for many years. In the communication and cooperation with customers, we have exported management concepts and product concepts to customers to win their trust and favor of customers.

Post time: Dec-02-2022